Summer List

Well its the middle of July. The kids have officially been out of school for two weeks, we’ve had our first camping trip and the weather is finally starting to give us summer. With the summer months in the country being such a short period, only 8 weeks with no school and half decent weather, I like to try to make the best of it.

Last summer I was home with all three of my kids full time, and wanted to make the most of it. I wanted my girls to think of summer as a fun time that they spend with their family. And it’s important to me that this endeavor doesn’t cost a small fortune. So what do you do with three kids, a small budget and the sunshine? So I started a list of all the places, splash-parks, friends and family I want to visit and made it my goal to cross off as many things on the list as I could. You know I found a lot of great little places within driving distance of home that filled all my needs. Fun, Sun, Cheap and Neat.

This past weekend I started my Summer List 2013. And it feels great. It gives me something to work toward, and I know the kids will have a good time this summer. Even on a day as simple as visiting a friend at a playground. They will remember the fun summer time brought. And I know as the years go by and the kids get older the list will change. They will have things they will want to do, their own friends to visit and places they want to see, and that’s just fine. I hope the over the years the Summer List will always include simple family fun.

What do you have planned for summer??

May Madness….

Well I can’t believe it’s the last day of May already. For our family May had been very busy both with the kids and on the Farm.

We started out the month with a few really nice days, and right away my husband was anxious to get into the field to seed, but first we had a little celebrating to do. My baby boy turned One at the beginning of May and we had a great family dinner then a beautiful afternoon in the park complete with Farm themed cake and cupcakes. I still can’t believe my baby is one years old. His birthday was a special day and he was surrounded by love which is a beautiful thing. When there are days I am feeling blue, these are the moments I need to recall; pushing the kids on the swings in the sunshine and sitting on the living room floor sharing in the giggles of a new toy.

So after his birthday the month just seemed to fly by. When the clouds would part and the sun would come out my husband disappeared into the tractor to seed barley and canola. And when he wasn’t fixing equipment there were cows to look after and fence to fix. Even though the rain slows his progress, I welcome it somedays, cause it’s the only time in spring I get to see him.

On occasion my girlfriend and I would get a run in as well, which feels really good, but I am surprised how hard it was in May to fit in just a hour a week of fitness. I think I finally have a few babysitters at my disposal now so I can be organized to get ready for the two mud runs I’ve registered for this fall. AHHHHHHHH. What am I thinking??? I’m not a runner. But I hear its great for getting a flat tummy, so sign me up baby.. LOl.

This month I also had the honour of joining a couple as a Doula for the birth of their baby girl. We also had; Playschool Field trip and Graduation for my middle Daughter, A Doula Training workshop, Hypnobabies Course which was truly amazing information, My sister-in-law planting the garden, yard work, the trampoline out, a trip to Leduc, dealing with Deanna’s dental appliance(Which is a whole other blog post)  and my son gaining his confidence in walking. Oh yes, he is walking around the house so I know he’s officially not a baby anymore, but more a toddler now.

My oh my, no wonder I felt a little silly some days, it was truly a busy month in our house. And as June begins, I look forward to a wonderful summer with friends, new babies(even a cousin for our kids, WOOT WOOT) Camping, more running and workouts and just soaking up the sunshine. Maybe a few days of sprinkler fun and swimming pools when all the kids are here. I think I would be even happier if I could get some painting projects and reno projects done too.

I hope as you look ahead into June, July and August you see Sun and Fun too.