Dec 22, 2012

Good Morning everyone! As everyone knows the end of the world did not happen yesterday, and that just proves to me that NO-BODY can predict the end of the world.

So I think we should just be thankful for everyday we get.

Everyday is a gift, that is why it is called the present

Some days this can be really hard when the kids are driving you crazy and everything seems to be going wrong, but I’m going to try to enjoy more moments in each day and enjoy the gifts of smiles, snuggles and laughter I get, after all, we never know when the end of the world is going to be.

So in a few days when it’s Christmas and we are all opening gifts, take a moment to treasure the real gift of life that day. Treasure what is around you, even if it’s something small, and enjoy the gift of the present with family and friends.

Happy Holidays.


Lazy Day

I think we all like lazy days, you know the ones where you stay in bed as long as possible, wear your comfy pants and a cozy hoodie, and eat things like cereal and mac & cheese. Every once in a while it’s  good I think to have a lazy day. It reminds us to slow down and appreciate what we have.

So I decided to begin my thirties with a lazy day. Yes the BIG 3-0 came and went and I survived it. So today I celebrated by staying in bed till 8am, which in our house it late, and ate frosted flakes for breakfast. Someone said now that I’m thirty I’ve joined the ranks of the responsible people. lol. But I think just because now I’m “responsible”, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a bowl of frosted flakes once in a while right?  I have not been completely irresponsible today, the kids are all bathed and clothed and fed, and I put in one load of laundry, but I’m staying home today to do as little as possible. I personally think it’s a great way to start the next decade of my life.

I actually  have a love-hate relationship with lazy days. These are the days when I snuggle with Conner, and don’t worry about Caitlin’s crazy hair. Where I let Deanna have cheese and peanut butter for breakfast and let Dean make his own lunch. I put my hair in a pony tail and turn on the music on my iPhone.  But even as I am enjoying my lazy day, in the back of my mind is a nagging voice saying “Christa you have things to do, and the less you do today, the more you have to do tomorrow”  That is why I have a love-hate relationship with lazy days. The dishes pile up, the laundry piles get higher and that project I have been wanting to do doesn’t  get any closer to being done. But it’s like weighing your pros and cons. Today on my lazy day, I will listen to Caitlin play with toy horses and Deanna read her school books, and give extra kisses to baby Conner and maybe to Dean too.  Today I will enjoy the most important thing in my life. My Family. And that sounds like a pretty big pro to me.  I am glad that as I begin my thirties, I have much to be thankful for. Today the housework can wait and I will just worry about my role as a mom.

Here’s to a LAZY DAY!!  And may you have a lazy day soon too.

Snuggle Bugs

Last night while Conner was sleeping, I snuggled up with my girls in the bed and read them a story. I know that sounds like a simple thing to do but it was extra special last night. Just the three of us girls and a thankful heart.

Sometimes things happen in our life that remind us whats really important.  I believe that it helps us remember to be thankful and realize the blessings in our lives.  We only need to “wake up and smell the coffee”, to take notice when things happen and learn the lessons provided from them. And believe me there are A LOT of life lessons to learn.  I have always thought, that no matter how things play out, the right thing is to learn and grow from the experience, or else what’s the point right? Regardless of if it’s in your control or not, there is something to be learned from it.  And that there is ALWAYS someone out there who’s got it worse then you. So count the blessings and move forward. I think that is a good moto to live by.

So I made sure last night to read nice and slow, to put extra character into my voice as we read  The Grinch who stole Christmas (LOL) and enjoyed the girls giggles and snuggles.  I have an amazing family. A wonderful husband and beautiful children. Uncles and Aunts who enjoy our company, Grandparents for the kids, both sides close to home, who really love to spend time with the kids, and all of them love us!  And we love them all back! That is what is really important.

So Thanks for my snuggle bugs and that someone up there is watching out for us.


If I was a morning coffee drinker, today would be the morning I pour myself an extra cup of Joe.

It’s easy to see how important your role as a parent is at 3 O’clock in the morning, in the rocking chair, with a sick child. Yes I have a baby with a cold. And he got it from my daughter, who is also coughing a bit still and asked to snuggle. She settled for a hug and a tuck-me-in, as I was feeding the baby. Poor girl, poor baby, poor me. I understant how important it is to hold a sick child in the night, I still remember cuddling with my mom in the middle of the night with a fever as a young girl, but it is also hard to not feel frustrated for yourself too hey? I thought to my self at 2am and then again at 3am…. why is it still so early? I still have the whole night to get through. And then it was 5am, okay so I got 2hours sleep, feed the baby again, go back to sleep, and then Caitlin is at my bed at 6:30am asking for a drink. Well I’ve got to go to the bathroom, Caitlin settles for some water, and I make my self a hot honey/lemon drink.

I feel a bit like a robot, and the worst part is, I haven’t had the cold yet. I can feel it coming. I know the best thing for a cold is rest, so maybe with a stroke of luck the girls can play outside this afternoon and I can have a nap. My hubby is head deep in Harvest, and will be trying to fix his combine today. So I’m on my own for now,  But I’ll survive.  I’m going to finish my warm drink, cover Conner with a blanket, find the humidifier, and see if I can snuggle up to my hubby for another hour or so, before today really begins.