Super September

Well so far it’s been a SUPER start to September and tomorrow marks the 1st Anniversary of my Blog!!!! Really? Already? Wow!  A pat on the back for me! I may have not got as many posts in as I wanted to, but it is really nice to have a place to journal and share some of our silly little life.

So lets see…. what has made September so SUPER so far.

1. Kids are back in School. And yes we had an amazing summer, but I was glad to see routine back into our lives.

2. I signed Caitlin up for Gymnastics which she is really excited about.

3. Deanna made it to the second stage of her appliance. So we now have fewer trips to the dentist and the improvements have been positive.

4. I was blessed to be part of another beautiful birth of a first baby and witness also the birth of a family.

5. My girlfriend asked me to come on a totally last minute get away to LasVEGAS!!! to celebrate her birthday. And even though it rained almost everyday we were there (lol) we made the best of it, and as I browsed the pictures tonight they brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for those wonderful memories my friend!!!  I’d do it all over again.


6. The anniversary of my blog. I didn’t realize it till I sat down to write this post, but then I was really excited. I hope to grow in my writing more over the years. Sometimes inspiration hits me and I can write something really deep, other times it’s just a quick post to update my craziness.

So thank you all of you for following and reading my blog, for sharing my moments and memories, and for not boooo-ing me offline… hehehe. 

Super September, lets keep up the good work. Lets keep the momentum going as we push forward into harvest on the farm and head into what I call birthday season….If you don’t remember check out my early blog.. Autumn Arrives…. My husbands birthday kicks off a series of 9 birthdays in the last months of the year.


School Bus

Well this morning I stood out at the end of the lane and watched the School Bus pull up to our drive, Gave my not so little girl a hug and she was on her way. Yes it is officially back to school. I have mixed feelings about this day because we have had such a fun summer and I’m sad to see it end, but also I am glad because we need routine again in our lives and the kids are at each others throats. As I type this Caitlin my younger daughter who is not in school full time is happily humming a tune and coloring pictures. Yes she is glad for a break from her sister. lol. She may not understand it yet, but I can tell she’s happier.

And as for my older daughter, she was both excited and nervous today as she waited for the bus. This year she has a male teacher and was already missing her Grade 1 & 2 teacher. But we managed to get through that and I think it will be okay. Yes this day is tough for both moms, dads, and the kids I think. But it’s also exciting too. I have many more mornings ahead of me like this one and I’m sure each of my children will handle it differently. There will be joys and challenges in all the school years to come.

Well here’s to the start of another new school year.  10 months of Lunches, outdoor clothes, agendas and homework. Back to school we go.

Soakin’ up the Sunshine.

Well August is flying by and as I look at my calendar I see we are on the count down till school again. Boy that was really fast! But there is still at least two weeks left of summer, and so I know me and my kids are going to soak in as much sunshine as we can. Summer Sun I’m not ready for you to fade away yet. Winter in Alberta is too long. I really hope we don’t even get snow till Christmas.

But I’m not going to worry about that for at least another two weeks, because it’s still summer, Thank Goodness.

Vanna White & More

There are very few people who don’t know what you mean when you say, ” We need you to be Vanna.” We all automatically think parading around, showing off items with grace and a big smile. Well last night I did my best and played the role of Vanna for my daughters Playschool Fundraiser, and you know I liked it!

I’ll admit, I’m no stranger to being in front of a crowd people singing, acting, speaking, and this is not the first time I’ve played Vanna, but last night was really fun. I did my hair, found a sparkly shirt and put on my biggest brightest smile. By the end of the night I was feeling pretty good about my- self, I was a FANTASTIC Vanna! But come on now the night wasn’t about me,  It was about our local playschool! This is the first year we have been  involved with the playschool fundraiser and it was a great evening. We had some laughs, got some great bargains, ate yummy goodies, AND raised an amazing amount of Money for the playschool. It was also the first festive evening I have attended this year, and you know,  it really helped put me into the Christmas Spirit.

Speaking of Christmas Spirit, I am even more excited for today. I am taking my Mom, Granny, Brother and Aunt to a place I am very passionate about. Even though I can not help out as much as I’d like to, I know every little bit helps. Today for the first time I am taking my family to the Operation Christmas Child Wearhouse in Calgary to sort Shoeboxes that will be sent all over the world. This is a charity that I have been involved with for at least 15 years. I remember packing shoeboxes in school, and as I got older I would pack more and more of them each year.  I often thought how amazing it would be to go on the mission to deliver the boxes, and some day I will do that. It’s on my bucket list. Then just last year I discovered that you can volunteer to sort boxes before they get shipped out in Ontario and ALBERTA! Calgary has a wearhouse! I tried to get to Calgary, and then a door opened and by chance I was able to go with a group from our local church. From the first 1omins I was hooked. That’s it, I was coming every year! It’s such an amazing feeling to be a part of something that touches children who have so little, so far away, and some close by too. So this year I organized to get some of my family together to sort boxes. It’s going to be a wonderful afternoon.

I’d better go get ready. I go from sparkle tops and Vanna shoes to comfortable jeans and runners. Today my role will be on an assembly line, and I couldn’t be happier. Merry Christmas Everyone, let the season begin…….

School time, Play time.

Yesterday was a big day for Caitlin. Off we go to School, well playschool.  She  was really excited and ready to join her sister in the school day routine. (Well on Monday and Wednesday anyway) She was also excited that Daegan would  be there and Ally too.  Caitlin was really good when I dropped her off and she told me she had a good time. She would later tell her dad it was bad, because one of the other girls wanted her mommy. (She’s very sensitive to other peoples emotions, and always wants to help make you feel better).  But she survived the three hours and this morning asked if she had playschool today, so that’s a good sign.

But how did this happen, when did I get two kids old enough for school?

I know it’s only playschool, but still before I know it Caitlin will be starting grade 1.  With Deanna in Grade 2 already, and Caitlin doing pre-school,  I know I have truly grown up. I am a school mom and that’s okay with me!

So we celebrated the school day with some playtime and made cookies with my cookie press. Then decorated them with colored icing and sprinkles. I also tried out a new perogie casserole dinner. I have discovered that I actually enjoy cooking and baking, a task I avoided at all costs for about the first 7 years of our marriage.  And I’ve realized that if I just give cooking a try I can be good at it. Although I do have a rib bone story that I swore was Karma telling me not to cook, but that’s for another time.  Anyway Deanna and I have decided that everyday  after school, that she will help me make something, because I want to make sure that my kids know how to cook and bake, and be safe in the kitchen. Plus it will give me some quality time with my oldest daughter who I am certain is growing up too fast and often gets left to fend for herself, so I can nurse the baby.

Yes I am a school mom, and housewife, and I’ve got many more years of that ahead of me, so I’m going to make the best of it and enjoy making lunches and dirtying my kitchen.