Temperature Changes

Well after the most wonderful and relaxing week on sandy beaches in Mexico, we flew home just in time to get home and hunker down before the snow hit. We turned up the furnace and made soup for lunch while the snow blew all day. With a difference of almost 60degrees I am very proud of my husband for bundling up and going out in the storm to look after his cows. Me and the kids, we stayed in our PJ’s ALL day.

Our week in Mexico was so relaxing and quiet and just what we both needed. We slept the first night for 15hrs straight… no word of a lie. We were celebrating our 10years of marriage, yet everywhere we went people asked and called us Honeymooners… So that was nice.

We were ready to come home on Sunday and see our kids, afterall it was our oldest daughters Birthday and she’s not so little anymore. And as happy as we were to see our kids, I couldn’t help but wish we were still back in Mexico, especially when I woke up the next morning to see knee high drifts in front of my garage, and blowing snow so we couldn’t see the end of the driveway. Sigh….. Mexico was so lush and Warm… I hate being cold, but more than that even though I feel rested and that my husband and I have connected again, I don’t really feel rejuvenated the way I had hoped. When the reality of house and kids and cooking and cleaning hit me Monday morning it sucked my energy and fogged my brain. Maybe it was just everything all at once, snow, cold,kids, house…. but I’m a little sad that I can’t put on my bikini and go sit at the beach for one more day. Oh well. The smiles and giggles of seeing our kids after a week warmed my heart, even if there has been a bit of crying and yelling too. And today the snow has stopped blowing and the trees look nice. I put on the Christmas music to put me in the mood and am cleaning  the house so we can decorate. Christmas does have a way of rejuvenating me, there are many things about it I like, so that will be good to focus on. Since the kids are home because school has been cancelled for two days I thought today Christmas decorating should be fun, unfortunately the christmas tree is in a shed across the yard which is drifted thigh high… so the tree might have to wait. 

It’s funny, when we were leaving Mexico all the resorts were decorating for Christmas in a very festive style, and I thought how strange it was to see fake trees decorated and Palm Trees with Christmas bells hanging from them with beaches in the back ground while the sun shines brightly. Christmas means snow to me, well I got snow didn’t I??? lol. Although I could do with out it being 30below.

Last week was wonderful in the sun and this week in the cold will be busy preparing for Christmas. Talk about Temperature changes…


Many times these past few weeks, I have wanted to sit at my computer and write.  I have so many exciting things to share and small everyday things too.  Our annual Spa Day with my Mom, a Family holiday in BC,  Swimming in the hot-springs, Kids with colds and sick Husbands, A dinner with our adopted family,  the list goes on and on,  but there always seems to be  one thing in the way. Time.  I simply do not have enough time in my day to share all the things I want. My day’s are  so busy, and when I finally get everything crossed of my daily list, sleep becomes  my next priority. I am currently trying to break by baby of his “nurse all night, play all day-no time to eat”  habit. I just need to sleep when he is, even if I’m not tired. But this past week, not only was I a mother, swimming instructor, kids craft artist, chef, school teacher and housekeeper, but I had the role of nurse too. Family colds are rough, they take a lot of your time. Coughing all night, sneezing all day, constantly getting Kleenex.  If fact right now I need to go blow a nose and I’ll reward my self with popcorn at the movie later tonight with my girlfriends.  See busy days!!!!!