Dobby and Kreacher

You know what I wanted for Mother’s Day….. A house elf. You know what? I didn’t get one. Boo. This is a gift I’ve been asking for for quite a while now, and I just don’t understand why I haven’t received one yet. Now I know they are kinda ugly looking creatures, but if I had my own little Dobby to do the chores I dislike, I think he’d grow on me. I’d even put up with kreacher’s attitude if he cleaned my toilet every week. Lol. Okay kidding aside, I think most women would jump at the chance to have a house elf, it’s nice to get a break from the constant cleaning, laundry and dishes. Somedays I wonder what would happen if I went on strike and didn’t do any laundry, cooking, cleaning or picking up of toys. I’m sure eventually it would get done, but it’s the little bits that mom does everyday that keep it manageable. It’s also those little bits everyday, that start to wear us down. Like water in a crack in a mountain.
So now your probably thinking, goodness what kind of housewife is this? She doesn’t like cooking or cleaning. Well the answer is… I’m still fairly new at the whole housewife thing. Even though I’ve been married a decade (OMG) I’ve only been home full time for about two years, so I’m still finding my groove. These things take time right? slowly but surely, at least that’s my moto. Lol.

Dec 22, 2012

Good Morning everyone! As everyone knows the end of the world did not happen yesterday, and that just proves to me that NO-BODY can predict the end of the world.

So I think we should just be thankful for everyday we get.

Everyday is a gift, that is why it is called the present

Some days this can be really hard when the kids are driving you crazy and everything seems to be going wrong, but I’m going to try to enjoy more moments in each day and enjoy the gifts of smiles, snuggles and laughter I get, after all, we never know when the end of the world is going to be.

So in a few days when it’s Christmas and we are all opening gifts, take a moment to treasure the real gift of life that day. Treasure what is around you, even if it’s something small, and enjoy the gift of the present with family and friends.

Happy Holidays.