On the right track.

Well as the last two weeks of summer tick by, it seems I’ve finally starting to feel better about myself, and not just enjoying the fun we are having. I’m enjoying the clothes I have, my long hair and my tanned skin too. (Note: I am by no means a sun worshiper, but I do appreciate a little bit of color on my legs and arms.)

And Yes the exercise is finally starting to pay off, I feel better, I think I look better and my clothes are fitting better. And this is a huge boost to my confidence. It’s nice to be on the right track again when it comes to my health and mental wellness. After you have a baby, it takes time to have time again…lol… if you know what I mean, and you have to start small. This is especially true after baby number three, when the other two also need your time.

Slowly but surely it’s coming, once a week, to twice a week and even that can make a big difference. So here’s to being on the right track again in body, mind and spirit…… oh and in my closet too. : )

Summer List

Well its the middle of July. The kids have officially been out of school for two weeks, we’ve had our first camping trip and the weather is finally starting to give us summer. With the summer months in the country being such a short period, only 8 weeks with no school and half decent weather, I like to try to make the best of it.

Last summer I was home with all three of my kids full time, and wanted to make the most of it. I wanted my girls to think of summer as a fun time that they spend with their family. And it’s important to me that this endeavor doesn’t cost a small fortune. So what do you do with three kids, a small budget and the sunshine? So I started a list of all the places, splash-parks, friends and family I want to visit and made it my goal to cross off as many things on the list as I could. You know I found a lot of great little places within driving distance of home that filled all my needs. Fun, Sun, Cheap and Neat.

This past weekend I started my Summer List 2013. And it feels great. It gives me something to work toward, and I know the kids will have a good time this summer. Even on a day as simple as visiting a friend at a playground. They will remember the fun summer time brought. And I know as the years go by and the kids get older the list will change. They will have things they will want to do, their own friends to visit and places they want to see, and that’s just fine. I hope the over the years the Summer List will always include simple family fun.

What do you have planned for summer??