Power – as in Electricity.

Well I’m not quite sure where to begin. There are so many random thoughts running through my brain, I am not sure how to make sense of all of it to put it into a post that is organized at all. I’ll start by quoting a friend….. ” What a weird week”

It seems this week has revolved around power, or the lack there of.  And in this century it is a big deal when there is no power. We had to fight two days in a row to get our kids sent home when the power was out at our rural school. Zumba was also cancelled as there was no power.

Now since we live in the country, the majority of us have a back up power sources for emergency’s like these. There is so much humidity in the air the power lines and trees are covered in Ice. It was making me nervous on Wednesday, as I had visions of Ontario Ice storms.  But like I said I am fortunate to be married into a family who understands these weather things and is prepared. We don’t have a wood stove like some of our neighbors, but my husband has a tractor run generator that hooks to our main poll to power the farm. Now before I go any further, I need to clarify why exactly we have a generator. Lol. I know Lesley-anne is laughing.  We have beef cattle and electric waterers for them, and the TRUE reason the generator gets hooked up is so the waterers don’t freeze and the cows can drink. Make sure you read that again : ) The fact that our house gets power is just a benefit of having cows.  Mind you we’ve been off and on with power since Wednesday, so we need to make sure our house doesn’t get too cold. We managed to figure out the right RPM on the tractor to get our furnace to kick in and work the stove. All other house work has been put on hold. I am only writing this blog because the cow are drinking.

So we have been usimg candles and flashlights during the night just in case. And last night we got a shocker, literally. At 3am we were jolted out of bed to sounds of popping and zapping and the light flickering everywhere. It was similar to a house being struck by lightning.  I quickly turned of the lights and calmed the kids. Dean ran outside to the generator that had been off and started it up. But that wasn’t what scared me, I smelt burned wires, and my fear of fire began to rise.  Deanna said she smelled smoke. So a frantic run to Dean to shut down the power, and a search through the whole house presumed.  NO FIRE! THANK THE LORD! We could relax.  But boy it stunk. We soon discovered that one of our surge protectors couldn’t handle the amount of electricity and it fried the TV, our Wii, and desktop computer. Just another thing to deal with. We are not sure if insurance or the REA will cover any damage, so we will just wait and see. Our neighbors  said it was like someone had run into the side of their trailer. They lost a microwave and stove.  Now something to note about all of this; both Dean and I realized how reliant on power our society is. In dealing with the TV satellite, he wanted to call Shaw, only to discover that the brochure had no phone number to call; It quotes “visit shawdirect.ca for information” . REALLY!!! Wow. That’s how much we are dependent on power to run computers, so we can get information. We can’t even pick up a piece of paper and call someone. How soon before Phone books are a blast from the past?

We survived, we are all okay and our house is okay. Like Dean said the TV is just stuff. It can be replaced, it just costs money.

Our year has been full of “replacement”. Most of Deans farm equipment has had parts replaced for various reasons, and more then normal this year. It’s just been one of those years, every time we turn around, something else needs to be fixed. I had high hopes that the end of the year would be better, with harvest over and such. You know that saying “In like a Lion, out like a lamb”  well is there such thing as ” In like a lion, out like a lion? ” Thats how I feel  this year. I’ll be happy to see 2013 and hopefully a fresh new year. It’s been a strange week, and a strange year. All little things, but little things add up.

And despite all this, I feel I am the happiest I have been in a long time, I am where I need to be and I have wonderful friends and a great family. Even with all those little things going askew, I am thankful for what I do have.  I leave you with another quote ” Embrace the perfection of imperfection”