Lazy Summer Days.

July is almost done, my goodness where has the time gone? I have been very busy these last few months with Doula things. It seems every time I turn around there was another email inquiry, and interview to attend, a prenatal client, an association meeting. It’s been so exciting, rewarding, humbling and I feel so blessed to do what I love. So now it’s time to welcome some new babies into the world and as the last few days of July go by I eagerly wait for my phone to ring!
In the mean time my kids and I have been enjoying a wonderful summer holiday. July is by far my favorite month of the year. It truly means summer is here and we can stay up late, sit around the campfire, and sleep in. There is no schedule, no plans, just camping with friends, BBQ’s, Neighbourhood playdates, Splash parks and a backyard full of fun calling our name. If it’s nice we go do something, if it’s rainy we stay in our PJ’s ALL day. July is our month to relax and just enjoy the break. When August begins my radar starts to go off and I feel the need to get organized for back to school. I know that sounds silly, but August goes by even quicker then July. There’s Vacation Bible School at the local church, usually swimming lessons or summer camps, school supply shopping and a camping trip or two. Then September is here and both my girls will get on the bus this fall. Sigh, it goes so fast!
But it’s not August just yet, so today and tomorrow we are going to have some fun, visit with friends, catch up on a few things and enjoy those lazy days of summer 🙂

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