The wait…

Another month has gone by, and February seemed just as busy as December. Our days were filled with activities and places to be. Classes to attend, our kids school events, clients to meet with, cows to look after and unfortunately the cold weather kept my hubby busy with the snow. We tried to stay warm and not drive in all the crazy snow drifts, and eagerly waited for ANY signs of spring to show its face. And amongst all the busy days we still manged to enjoy visits with friends, birthday parties, swimming, wine, playdates, dinners, family time, and even a date with my hubby. It was a productive month, some renos, a bit of cleaning and even a birth thrown into the mix. I’ve also been very busy organizing events for World Doula Week. And I’m happy to say I was also was successful in putting together my certification package to send away!

And now the waiting begins…..

I eagerly wait for the phone call from DONA International about my certification package.

I eagerly wait for spring to come and melt the snow so my kids can go crazy outside.

I eagerly wait for many more births as my April is free.

I patiently wait for our renos to continue.

I patiently wait the roads to dry up so I can go running with our rubber boots

And I mostly patiently wait to see what is in store for me and my family in the year 2014.




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