I hate routine. That’s right it’s just not my thing. Routine bores me and makes me feel trapped. That’s why I really like being a Doula(it’s never the same)and dancing, and zumba, and sewing, because you always can try something different or new.

You know who likes routine???…. Kids, specifically MY kids. They don’t just like it, they NEED it.  My oldest almost can’t function without it. She’s getting so bad I’m starting to call her Sheldon at the dinner table. Her world falls apart if she can not sit in HER spot. Good grief. LOL

Now not all routine is bad. In fact I am sure I could benefit by taking a page out of their book in my fitness routine for example, but some days as a Mom, routine gets so tiring and starts to wear on your nerves. The toast cut just right, the drink before bed, the door closed just to the right spot, etc. But the ultimate routine pet peeve of mine, is that my kids feel the need to remind me every time of these time honored  traditions. Like I’ll forget after everynight for 8 years to turn the hall light on.(Insert eye rolling here) But kids in general just need that reassurance….. Mom will you turn on the Hall light??? (Panic in voice)…..Yes dear I will (semi-annoyed tone)…… Okay(Very relieved). I just shake my head and laugh. You know one day I’ll miss that senario. Tonight, Not so much.



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