School Bus

Well this morning I stood out at the end of the lane and watched the School Bus pull up to our drive, Gave my not so little girl a hug and she was on her way. Yes it is officially back to school. I have mixed feelings about this day because we have had such a fun summer and I’m sad to see it end, but also I am glad because we need routine again in our lives and the kids are at each others throats. As I type this Caitlin my younger daughter who is not in school full time is happily humming a tune and coloring pictures. Yes she is glad for a break from her sister. lol. She may not understand it yet, but I can tell she’s happier.

And as for my older daughter, she was both excited and nervous today as she waited for the bus. This year she has a male teacher and was already missing her Grade 1 & 2 teacher. But we managed to get through that and I think it will be okay. Yes this day is tough for both moms, dads, and the kids I think. But it’s also exciting too. I have many more mornings ahead of me like this one and I’m sure each of my children will handle it differently. There will be joys and challenges in all the school years to come.

Well here’s to the start of another new school year.  10 months of Lunches, outdoor clothes, agendas and homework. Back to school we go.

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