All over the place.

It sure seems like lately that my eyes, ears and mind are in a million places at once. I am constantly watching, listening and thinking about what my kids are doing at this moment. It must just be the stage my kids are at right now. 

The house gets really quiet….. quick where’s Conner? What is he into now. Oh it’s okay, he’s just playing with a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.DOH! Mom I can’t get the lamp to work, my toy needs new batteries,Watch me Mom, Mom, Mommy…..

I  hear myself say…. I’ll be right there….. so much I think it is my motto. In a minute, Just a second, Hold on a moment, I’ll help you as soon as I can. These phrases come out of my mouth so much my head is starting to spin. Huh I really do sound like a broken record.

It seems like life is so busy right now, but I’m really not sure why. We aren’t doing any soccer or ball, or swimming or music lessons, I don’t work outside the home, I’m not a gardener ( I leave that to my sister-in-Law) so why do I feel so crazy????

Could it be that my newly walking son is into EVERYTHING the second I turn my back… I think so. He “helps” with the groceries and laundry and “organizing” my DVD’s. Plus my four year old wants to show me everything she can do now that she’s a big girl. And she wants to do the same things her older sister does, even if she is a bit too little. She recently decided to go for a “run” with me…. which I agreed to because hey it’s cute she wants to do what I’m doing. Boy I’ve never run on the spot so much outside of a gym. LOL. Her ten seconds of running made for a very nice leisurely stroll for me.

Ahhh yes the sacrifices we make for our family. Seems like this is the most time I’ve had to myself in a month and I really haven’t done a million things this month, at least I don’t think I have…. Oh my.


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