A view of the World…

I sat down at my computer this afternoon to do some email stuff, I open my internet and our home page pops up. This is my news life line. I do not sit down on the couch at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day to watch the local news. Today as I read the yahoo headlines on the internet, I was again reminded of why I don’t like watching the news. Innocent children caught in a tragic situation. It breaks my heart.

Media news is filled with sad stories, crime, tragedy, loss, suffering with the occasional feel good story thrown in here and there. I find this especially true for local television news. They show all the crappy stuff, then try and end on a positive note hoping you will remember that and not think of the crime and anger you saw earlier.  Does  this really work? I think not.

What are bad news stories teaching us, what are they are teaching our children, how is this affecting the next generation who will run our world? As a mom this really worries me. I wonder how different our world would be  if positive news stories made the headlines more? I’ll let that sink in a minute.

I see happy news stories on the internet more then the television, but not nearly enough. You know the stories of someone rescuing a child, or a teenager raising funds for a charity, etc… Those stories inspire us to be better people. So what if we watched the news each night and it was filled with positive events, stories and people? Would that make us want to be better people too? Would it inspire us? Encourage our communities and build a better society? Hmmmm Maybe, just maybe it would.

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