When I discovered the Doula program, I thought it might be something that would fit for me. I realized through out my third pregnancy how passionate I was about the concept of helping other women feel empowered through their birth experiences.  This was a role that I also felt very comfortable in rather quickly and it didn’t scare me. That’s what happens when you do something you love and are passionate about. It’s not work at all. When I took my course I was so excited through out the weekend, never did I feel tired or overwhelmed or scared or bored, I just couldn’t wait to learn more, and I still find my-self feeling the same way. I want to expand and grow in my knowledge and the services I provide to help people.

Doing something I love and that works with my life style is truly rewarding, but I wasn’t aware of the other rewards it would bring.

Being there during the moments a couple become a family is the most amazing experience. It is a privilege and an honour and it warms my heart.

Recently one of my Clients had this to say….

You truly are a great doula my dear….an angel.

Christa was a terrific doula! She not only helped me, but helped out my fiance Jason and my mom by answering questions they had. If it weren’t for her helping me focus on my breathing and reassuring everyone along the way, I’m sure my experience would have been not so great. She is amazing! After all, she did help out another mommy the day before and I’m sure she was exhausted, but very, very strong! Yay for doulas!!!

Thank you Amberly. It brings joy to my heart to read things like that, for that is the true reason I love being a Doula so much and am glad my life has lead me down this path. That is all the reward I need : )

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