Written Feb 21

So usually I am talking about how spoiled my children are. As they are currently the only nieces and nephews in our family and both sets of grandparents live close by, I’d say they are pretty spoiled. Toys, gifts, clothes, ice cream, chips, chocolate milk, teddy bears, all thanks to the Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents in their lives. But today I was the spoiled one. Today my husband hooked up our new Frigidaire gas stove and fridge! HOLY CRAP! Lucky me! Actually lucky us.

Dean grew up with a gas stove, and ever since we got married he has been talking about how some day we will get a gas stove. Today we hooked it up and turned it on for the first time. Very Cool, but since I grew up with electric, it will take a little while for me to get used to a gas stove, or so they say. Apparently gas is WAY superior to cook with. I guess I’ll find out. But tonight I’m still a little afraid, so I’m not sure what we will have for supper……. maybe Kraft Dinner….LOL. Hey I may be spoiled, but not too spoiled I cant enjoy good ole KD.

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