Crafting and Relaxing

And credit to my Dad for cutting the wood bases for them.

Finally a chance to sit down and blog. The kids are watching Aladdin on our brand new 50″ TV, that my husband got last night, after almost three weeks without a TV. Realistically, I was so busy I didn’t even miss it. I think I would have been alright without a TV for a bit, but my poor hubby missed more then one Football game, and so when the Black Friday Flyers came last night, he jumped into action. So now we have a bigger, better plasma TV. As my mom said ” I’d better pretend that that means something and I’m impressed right?” or something like that… lol.  Yes it looks great on our wall, and I know the kids are happy to be able to watch Treehouse again.  So while Conner naps and I have my tea, I’d like to share the highlight of my week and relax a bit.

This week I fell quickly and comfortably into an old role of mine. A few weeks ago my Dad asked me if I would help with a Christmas party he was involved in  organizing. He asked if I could  make centerpieces for the tables. You see, I worked in the floral industry for close to ten years and during those years I discovered I have a natural talent for designing and crafting. Also that I really enjoyed creating beautiful floral art with my hands. If I have the right supplies, my instincts take over and something inspires me to create beautiful pieces.  Well I think they are beautiful, and others tell me they are, so I hope they are not just being nice.  I once created a beautiful horse shoe wreath for someones funeral, and custom designed other funeral pieces with bibles, saddles, gardening gloves and other personal items. My most amazing memory of designing, was rescuing a bride after they  picked up their flowers from another florist and she was distraught. In 45mins, I re-designed her bouquet and the four bridesmaids bouquets,  managed to get before and after pictures too, all the while supervising Deanna who used to come to work with me. BOO-YAH! Top that! And they LOVED them.  But I digress, back to the centerpieces. I was excited to help out with this project. So I quickly went on Pintrest and after a few very inspiring pictures, came up with a  design.

My Mom and I did a shopping trip to Red Deer, and when I got back from my holiday, I went to work putting them together. My mom helped me one afternoon, and it was nice to share the project with her. We got in some Mother- Daughter time while we worked.  I was really impressed how  quick and simple they were to put together and how cost effective too.  My kids thought is was neat that Mom was making crafts. They were too little to remember the hours, and hours they spent as babies and toddlers helping me at the flower shop. I got to do crafts there everyday! And without the stress of business, I find that designing really is relaxing.  It is very satisfying to make something beautiful with your hands, to see an idea in your mind come together and look  good. I am really glad my Dad asked me to do these, and I hope that the guests at the Party tonight enjoy them! We made a total of 26 Centerpieces!

Now back to runny noses and a mountain of Laundry, till the next time my floral skills are needed, and I get to play with pretty things. Maybe sometime in the next month I’ll be able to sit down at my sewing machine again and fit in some Christmas crafts. It tis the season.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.