Many times these past few weeks, I have wanted to sit at my computer and write.  I have so many exciting things to share and small everyday things too.  Our annual Spa Day with my Mom, a Family holiday in BC,  Swimming in the hot-springs, Kids with colds and sick Husbands, A dinner with our adopted family,  the list goes on and on,  but there always seems to be  one thing in the way. Time.  I simply do not have enough time in my day to share all the things I want. My day’s are  so busy, and when I finally get everything crossed of my daily list, sleep becomes  my next priority. I am currently trying to break by baby of his “nurse all night, play all day-no time to eat”  habit. I just need to sleep when he is, even if I’m not tired. But this past week, not only was I a mother, swimming instructor, kids craft artist, chef, school teacher and housekeeper, but I had the role of nurse too. Family colds are rough, they take a lot of your time. Coughing all night, sneezing all day, constantly getting Kleenex.  If fact right now I need to go blow a nose and I’ll reward my self with popcorn at the movie later tonight with my girlfriends.  See busy days!!!!!

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