Turkey… Gobble, Gobble

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and although it’s traditional to cook a turkey, funny enough, not one of our meals involved turkey.  Instead we had French Meat pie, Ham and a new crockpot sweet potatoe side dish. I thought it was wonderful, and am thankful just the same for a wonderful weekend. I do have  a frozen turkey in my freezer that I intend to cook this winter, and use to make turkey pot pie and turkey sandwiches, maybe I’ll do a small meal with stuffing and mashed potatoes just because I can.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to acknowledge the gifts we have in life. It’s kinda like the glass half full or the glass half empty, it’s all how you look at it. But once a year at Thanksgiving we are encouraged to see all the good, to be glad for what we have and thankful for our blessings. Everyday should be Thanksgiving hey? If everyday we saw the glass half full then the challenges of life would be easier to tackle I believe. If I started to list all the things I am thankful for, the list would go on and on, but on the top of my list is my Husband and beautiful children. I am most thankful and most proud of them. They bring me joy each day and even in the moments when I am ready to crack, I can not imagine my life without them.  So I’ll say thank-you for them and enjoy the smiles and sounds today for a bit. And in my head I’ll compile a list of all the other things I am thankful for.

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend, regardless of whether it involved Turkey or not.

One thought on “Turkey… Gobble, Gobble

  1. Ah! Tourtière ! I make that for my family from time to time – deee-lish! A very classy dish for Thanksgiving IMHO! Happy Thanksgiving Friend 🙂

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