Snuggle Bugs

Last night while Conner was sleeping, I snuggled up with my girls in the bed and read them a story. I know that sounds like a simple thing to do but it was extra special last night. Just the three of us girls and a thankful heart.

Sometimes things happen in our life that remind us whats really important.  I believe that it helps us remember to be thankful and realize the blessings in our lives.  We only need to “wake up and smell the coffee”, to take notice when things happen and learn the lessons provided from them. And believe me there are A LOT of life lessons to learn.  I have always thought, that no matter how things play out, the right thing is to learn and grow from the experience, or else what’s the point right? Regardless of if it’s in your control or not, there is something to be learned from it.  And that there is ALWAYS someone out there who’s got it worse then you. So count the blessings and move forward. I think that is a good moto to live by.

So I made sure last night to read nice and slow, to put extra character into my voice as we read  The Grinch who stole Christmas (LOL) and enjoyed the girls giggles and snuggles.  I have an amazing family. A wonderful husband and beautiful children. Uncles and Aunts who enjoy our company, Grandparents for the kids, both sides close to home, who really love to spend time with the kids, and all of them love us!  And we love them all back! That is what is really important.

So Thanks for my snuggle bugs and that someone up there is watching out for us.

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