Bathroom Privacy – oh yeah I remember that.

I saw a post once that read, ” Kids are definitely the boss of you. Anybody who will barge into the room while you are on the commode is the boss or you” Tina Fey. And it’s  funny because it’s true. Unless I lock the door the bathroom isn’t even off limits. My husband swears as soon as he sits down the kids know, cause there will be a knock on the door and a little voice saying….. I NEED TO PEE!!!! We do have two bathrooms, but the main floor is the one that is used the most. Once in a while I will see my husband grab the newspaper, or the latest edition of Ag-Viser and disappear downstairs to use the lou in peace. Me on the other hand, shrug, whatever.

I’ve actually had some very interesting conversations with my children in the bathroom. Supervising baths, potty training, while I’m having a shower, etc. And I know my mom friends will smile when I say; I’ve put the baby in the carseat and put it on the bathroom floor while I take a bath. Yep they’ve been there too. One day when all my kids are older, I am sure I will once again have earned the right to bathroom privacy, but for today, cheers to a bathroom door jam that I can hang the jollyjumper on!  So as Conner bounces, I can go have a shower.



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